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QiliQulu is a bespoke (customised) software development company with a difference. Established by a group of friends who is passionate about IT, we would always challenge the upper limits in helping our clients convert their ideas into reality. Below are some case studies of actual projects that we have handled.

Case Studies

An international financial hub approached QiliQulu to help improve on the processing time of one of their Excel macro application which is used by more than a hundred accountants in their offices all over the world. Their idea is to halve the time needed to run their macro from a week to a few days.

The new VBA macro developed by QiliQulu takes only a mere 20 minutes to complete running. They have since been able to save more than hundred weeks of manpower every month and are now regularly getting QiliQulu's help in developing Excel macros for their worldwide operations.

. . .

An established legal firm planned to change their practice management's system but were advised by their software vendor that it is impossible to migrate all the data from their existing system to the new system due to the complexity of the database structure. The legal firm have been holding back on the change as they require all data to be migrated completely.

They came to QiliQulu and got all their records, every single one of them, completely migrated successfuly.

. . .

QiliQulu is no stranger to developing accounting systems, having done quite a few of these for several clients in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia in the legal, retail, manufacturing and warehousing industry, all of which are tailored to the clients specific needs. Some of these are multinational corporations where the systems are deployed to their regional offices.

Client Testimonials

“Mark has been amazing to work with. He has gone above and beyond what was required of him. He willingly added extra aspects to our program that were not in the initial contract. He was also very prompt with building and fixing bugs within the program as well as making himself extremely available to have conference calls. Our time zone differences meant Mark had to consistently wake up around 5 AM or stay up past midnight in order to work with us and he did so throughout the entire project. His price was also very reasonable and we feel that we received much more than our money’s worth. We will gladly be using Mark again!”

. . .

“An expert in SQL work.. We searched for some time to find a person of this skill, and he has exceeded our requirements. Strongly recommended. ”

. . .

“The work product, communication, timeliness and overall experience dealing with Mark on this project was excellent. He exceeded my expectations in all areas. I will use his services again. Thanks Mark!”

. . .

“Excellent work. Very responsive and was happy to clear up an anomaly at the end to finish off the job in good time. Will definitely work with Mark again”

. . .

“Things moved a bit slowly due to a variety of variables that were impossible to forsee, however Mark handled everything with the utmost professionalism and competence. One of the most skilled contractors I've worked with on Elance, he has done very impressive work, extending above and beyond the confines of the project description, and has excellent communication skills, which is key for any task of a complex nature. . highly recommended. ”

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